Who we are

Here at Art 4 U Creative Gifts, our name really does say it all—we’re here to help you create affordable and personalized original art. For us, it’s all about the individual and their needs. We excel at sitting down with our customers to help foster their own personal artistic vision. We love nothing more than brainstorming and exploring to find the solution that’s going to make them most happy in the end.

More than a company, we like to think of ourselves as an extra pair of hands helping to guide you through the process. Together we’re not just creating art—we’re creating art specifically for you.


My decision to help found Art 4 U Creative Gifts arose out of the entrepreneurial spirit—I wanted to create a specific piece of artwork, but I couldn’t find anyone who could produce it on the product I wanted. So I just decided to do it myself! Creating my own art, as well as helping others, is without a doubt the highlight of my day.


I’m a former art teacher of 35 years, so trust me, there is nothing art-related you can throw at me that I haven’t seen before. Truly though, I have an innate passion for creativity and learning and that’s the driving reason I decided to join Art 4 U Creative Gifts—because for as much as I enjoy helping our customers unlock their artistic potential, it’s what I learn in return where I draw the most satisfaction.